Thermage Testimonials - Thermage in Seattle

Having Thermage at Radiant was an amazing experience. My results are so incredible! Changes in my appearance could be seen immediately after Susan completed my Thermage treatment. I feel like she was able to take ten years off my age. I only wish I had gone to see her sooner." Joni from Seattle

I was nervous about having a Thermage procedure since I have a very low tolerance for pain. Susan reassured me that the new CPT system (the new hand piece) would not hurt, and she was RIGHT! While I was lying down during the procedure, we chatted and laughed while she worked on my tummy. After having had two pregnancies with C-section births, I was very self conscious about my 'tummy ledge', the excess skin hanging over my scar. I saw immediate results from the Thermage treatment, just 60 minutes after Susan started the procedure. I am four weeks out now and continue to see my tummy 'shrinking'. I love the smooth flatness that I see and love how I look in jeans and pants. I don't see the bulge as I used to. I would HIGHLY recommend Thermage." Tiara from Seattle

Thermage was wonderful, safe and non-invasive. With kids and zero free time, Thermage was perfect for me because there was NO down time and absolutely no pain involved. The results that I’ve experienced have been great. I saw instant improvements, and further improvements continued in the following weeks and months. I would recommend Thermage to anyone!" L.S. Edmonds, WA