Thermage Advances - Thermage in Seattle

The New Comfort Pulse Technology System

Thermage in Seattle Thermage

Radiant Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Surgery is the first clinic in the Seattle area to have the latest Thermage Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT). This new Thermage CPT technology provides advanced features to improve patient comfort and increase reliability of treatment results.

New CPT Software and Tips

The Thermage CPT technology uses advanced software control to give a more efficient automatic cooling system to cool the surface of the skin timed with the delivery of the heat energy to give the best heat distribution to the target tissue for effectiveness and improved patient comfort. The technology also allows more even distribution of the heat energy across the whole treatment tip area, again improving efficiency and comfort. Follow the link for more information about the Thermage technology.

Painless Thermage - Gate Control Theory

The third element of the technology cleverly leverages the “Gate Control Theory” in using mechanical stimulus to reduce the perception of pain. The new CPT hand piece applies vibration at the time as heat energy to mitigate pain sensation, giving the patient a more comfortable Thermage treatment. Actually, our patients are reporting no pain at all with a Thermage treatment with the new CPT system.

Read what our patients are saying about the new, painless Thermage CPT system.