Thermage FAQs - Thermage in Seattle

How much discomfort can I expect with a Thermage treatment?

With our new Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) system, the Thermage treatment should involve only minimal discomfort during the procedure. Our patients are reporting that they do not feel any pain sensation during the procedure with the new CPT technology. After the treatment, there should not be any discomfort at all.

How much time does the treatment take, and do I need to take time off for recovery afterwards?

The Thermage procedure usually takes one to two hours, depending on the size of the areas to be treated. The larger the area, for example the abdomen or thighs, the longer the amount of time required. Since there are no incisions, sutures, or bruising, you can usually return to your normal routine right away.

Do I need to take special precautions after the Thermage treatment?

Since Thermage uses RF energy, unlike laser or IPL, you do not have to avoid the sun after the procedure. Actually, there are no restrictions at all after the procedure.